AC Repair in Phoenix

As a leading team of full-service HVAC contractors specializing in both commercial and residential properties, we are committed to offering the highest standard of products and services. We expertly assess and repair your AC, replacing components as needed.

We use the latest, most efficient equipment and hardware to ensure durable results. We will keep your air conditioner functioning effectively at all times!

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Prompt, Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services

You depend on your home or business’s air conditioner for a plentiful supply of ice-cold air blowing at all times. Particularly in Phoenix’s intense summer heat, maintaining a cool and conditioned climate is crucial. However, air conditioning units have a lifespan, and even the most well-installed appliances will require repairs and maintenance to continue functioning at their peak.

You may find that your air conditioner is blowing with inadequate pressure, is blowing warm air, or isn’t functioning at all. It may not be time for a complete air conditioning replacement, but AC repairs or maintenance will be needed.

If this is the case, reach out to the professionals at Aguilar A/C & Heating Inc.. We offer diligent, rapid repairs to all air conditioning systems. Beginning with a full assessment, we evaluate each component of your AC and the various ducts and vents. In no time, your AC will be functioning reliably once again!

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Extensive Range of Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

When we arrive at your home or place of business, we will begin with a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioning unit. We will evaluate its performance and condition and determine that the coolant levels are adequate.

We will inspect each component of your air conditioner, including the blower motor, casing, vents, electrical connections, condenser coils, filter, and the outside unit. If necessary, we can install and replace new components.

Our team is expertly familiar with all air conditioning systems, and our diligent workmanship ensures durable, long-lasting air conditioning performance!

Highly Experienced and Qualified AC Repair Professionals

Our team is extensively qualified and trained for a wide variety of HVAC services. We use innovative equipment and hardware in our air conditioning repairs and are committed to working safely and neatly on each residential or commercial worksite.

We are fully licensed and bonded for our services and are dedicated to exceeding expectations every time.

Our staff can also provide expert recommendations and advise for your air conditioner and other HVAC features of your property!

Maintain a Cool, Inviting Climate with a Well-Functioning Air Conditioner

To keep your Phoenix home or business’s air conditioner performing at its peak, the HVAC professionals at Aguilar A/C & Heating Inc. offer the highest quality AC repairs.

Working efficiently and patiently, we will restore your air conditioner to its original working order.

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